In the Mountains of Telluride

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Fans, Family, and Friends:


With your help, we journeyed our way to Telluride, CO and competed in one of the most prestigious competitions in the global bluegrass community.  To our amazement, we left the festival grounds Sunday, June 19th with the experience of a lifetime and the achievement of “Telluride Bluegrass Band Competition Finalists.”


First, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for your support.  From the fundraiser over a month before the competition at Hathaway’s Hideaway to the text messages of encouragement received immediately prior to earning 2nd place, there is nothing else to say other than we couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you all for helping turn this fun project into something real.


We arrived in Telluride on Thursday, June 16th.  The beautiful drive in to town alone would have made the trip worthwhile, winding around scenic mountain passes, through small resort towns, and ending in the legendary town of Telluride.  It is best described as a small village resting in a bowl of mountains – from any point in the town you can look up and see humbling peaks, snow capped pines, and glacial waterfalls.


The competition took two parts.  The first was on Friday at 10am.  Twelve bands warmed up around the side stage tent before the event started, and we could tell that we were up against some serious competition.  The rules were simple: three songs under three minutes each, one slow vocal, one fast vocal, and one instrumental.  Four bands would be chosen to advance to the finals.  We got up on stage in the third slot and gave it our all, playing In My Arms, Poor Boy, and Off the Handle.  After hearing we won the first round and would be playing Saturday on the Telluride main stage, we were amazed and floored – full celebration mode was in effect.


Saturday morning came fast.  We met the other bands outside of the festival gates: Taarka, Backwater Opera, and Run Boy Run, all great people and excellent musicians.  We waited patiently backstage until the order of the bands was called – Wayward Roots would play 2nd.  With the rules the same as the first round, we soaked it in from backstage as Backwater Opera performed first on the legendary Telluride stage.  Our three song set – Cedar Hill, Amanda Jewel, and Colorado – flew by as we took in the mountains, the crowd of thousands, and the experience of a lifetime.


Now here we are.  More shows will be added very soon, so please stay tuned.  Videos of our Telluride experience will be added as soon as they are ready.  New tracks will become available as we finish writing and record our upcoming material.  Sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with all of our most current news!  Thanks once again.


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